Being honest: Do I have a shopping addiction?

Do I have a Shopping Addiction?

Shopping has gone from being a ‘trip into town’ to sitting at home browsing the retail websites. We are able to explore more stores than ever before, faster, with quicker delivery, and a range wider than anyone could explore. This wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t causing people to ruin relationships and sink themselves into financial trouble. This leaves the painful question in the mouth of consumers that needs to be asked, “Am I addicted to shopping”?

It is now commonplace to have advertising everywhere we go. This includes, on vehicles, bus stops, buildings, nearly every website, inside malls, the list just goes on. It is this constant bombardment of information that has pushed people towards a shopping addiction. With all the bright colours and smiling faces we feel happy, and with the concept of a new item we release endorphins which makes us feel great. People have begun to associate malls and online store with being happy as our consumerism culture grows. This association is what causes people to go out and buy things as a coping method when they are feeling sad, anxious, or even mad.

Extreme end of a Shopping Addiction

When you reach the extreme end of a shopping addiction you may find that spending money makes you anxious as you watch your funds deplete. When you are stuck in a shopping addiction, the only thing your brain can think of to make itself feel better is to buy something else. This downward spiral leads to maxed credit cards, and loan repayments that begin to stack up to un-payable amounts.

If you are looking to stop your shopping addiction, there are a couple of initial steps to take on your own. The first is to cut up all your credit cards and avoiding all ‘loan type’ purchases. The second is to withdraw your spending money as cash. It can be a lot harder to spend your money if you can physically see exactly what you have available to spend for the week. The last step is to try to avoid advertisement-heavy environments as this will reduce your impulse-buy reflex.

We at Anti-Dose are well trained and equipped with the knowledge to help you curb your shopping addiction. We can give you, personal, one-on-one time with a counsellor who will not only understand your struggle but will help you overcome it.

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I have 10 years personal and professional experience with addiction and I'm one of the counsellors available here at anti-dose. I work extensively in the community, running workshops and educational presentations for clients and staff of community probation service, cads and professional organisations.
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