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Addiction is an isolating illness which over time becomes debilitating and soul destroying, often driving a wedge between the ones we love and destroys the relationships we need the most. You will be listened to empathically and supported in developing an understanding as to what is happening for you and encouraged to find the inner strength to gain control.

Our addiction services will provide you with a unique set of evidence based skills, along with some secrets from our own personal experience, to assist you in your own journey towards a life where the things that are currently holding you back no longer have control.  

“We have trained extensively, specializing in addiction counselling. We use a combination of personal experience alongside evidence based modalities which are considered the “GOLD STANDARD” in the treatment of addiction, to form a programme custom built around your individual needs”.

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WINZ funding for counselling is available. Check with WINZ to see if you qualify.

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As addiction counsellors in recovery, we believe it’s crucial to have a personal history with addiction and mental health when providing treatment. At Anti-Dose, we recognise how important it is for individuals to feel truly understood when it comes to the reality and insanity of addiction and mental health issues.

Our personalised programme and schedule for you will be developed inline with your recovery needs to ensure you have the appropriate skills and support when you need it. Your recovery journey can start today.
We understand that even with the best intentions to make changes, it can be difficult to acheive and even more difficult to acheive when we feel isolated and alone.

We have designed our recovery programme to help give you the structure, accountability and support to start improving your situation today.
Our hoslistic programme provides support across 5 core “pillars”:
• Individual Counselling
• Process Assignments
• Group Programmes
• Mindfulness
• Fitness
The duration of our treatment programme can vary considerably.

We recommend a minimum of 28 days to remove the obstacles in the way of positive change, and lay the foundations of a new way of living. We can also accommodate an extended programme for up to 90 days for more complex cases.

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