Social Media Addiction

Most people either hide, or refuse to believe that they have a Social Media Addiction because they don’t think it is a real thing; or they are embarrassed by it.

Like any other addiction, social media addiction controls the life of the person experiencing it. While it does not tend to affect people financially, it saps time, and enjoyment from people. Causing them to slowly withdraw from their real social lives, and becoming increasingly isolated.

“It takes strength & courage to start your recovery and take back control”.
Counselling Sessions: 50 minutes

Individual: $120.00

Couples: $160.00

WINZ funding for counselling:
This is dependent on your income not just whether you are on a benefit.
WINZ will fund up to $63.00 a week for counselling. Check with WINZ to see if you qualify for the funding.

All prices include GST
  • Individual addiction counselling including intensive counselling programmes.
  • Anti-dose at home 28 day treatment programme.
  • Advice and support for partners, parents and loved ones.
  • Multidimensional family therapy.

At Home Treatment Programme

Fill in your details below and receive a copy of the Anti-Dose At Home Treatment Programme Introduction (PDF) which outlines how our online programme can help give you the structure, accountability and support to start improving your situation today.

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